BRAC Micro-Enterprise Complementary & Regional Credential Resources

Teachers must complete an approved BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential training prior to certifying students at any level of the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential. For information about upcoming teacher training >>Click Here<<

There is no initial cost for schools to begin teaching the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential. The cost of the credential will be incurred at the completion of the course to purchase the QuestionMark Assessment and BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential Certificate (there is a two part purchase required for this credential – online test voucher from QuestionMark & certificate from BRAC).

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BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form

The BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form is an Excel spreadsheet to be utilized by teachers in tracking their students progress in completion of the required modules for each level of the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential. Once a student has earned a credential the tracking form will create a quote for the purchasing of that credential. It is recommended that teachers purchase credentials at the end of semester, but they may be purchased at any time throughout the year. The tracking form must be uploaded during the purchase process for the credential certificate. It must be correct at the time of upload with correct spelling of names to insure certificates are received in a timely manner.

Self-Assessment Presentation Resources

For the Complementary and Regional Credentials, students must complete a Self-Assessment Presentation. This presentation must be made to a non-familiar adult and may not be made to a teacher or school employee. The presentation must be a minimum of 10 minutes.

It is recommended that you use the Nepris platform to schedule virtual mentors to assist with this process. You also have the option to use individuals from your community as mentors. It is recommended that you group students in groups with a minimum of 3 students when scheduling Nepris mentors. This will allow for better utilization of the mentors and teachers time in scheduling.

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Questionmark BRAC Micro-Enterprise Regional Assessment

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Documents You May Need to Submit to Your Purchasing Department:

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.21.53 AMSole Source Vendor

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 8.34.39 PM

Questionmark Signed W9 28-Jun-2021


Questionmark can offer 3 different testing accommodations.
  1. Extended time – Teachers will have the ability to provide extended time. This can be found under the administration tab under schedules. From there the teacher would select the student and hit the edit button then add the extra time for that student. (Screen shots for each step below)
  2. Screen Readers – If a student needs a screen reader Questionmark would be able to support this. Student would launch the school’s screen reader like they normally would then launch the test. Ask your district/school technology coordinator about which option you district utilizes. Example: Kurzweil Read the Web 
  3. Enlarge Text and Screen Contrast – Text-sizing and contrast controls are available to aid students with low/partial vision. Students can click the icons located in the upper right hand corner.

Instructions for Purchasing Certificates.


  • Select the Option BRAC Industry Based Credential Purchase Link
    • This page has BRAC’s W-9 and LDOE Sole Source Letter for your records available for download.
  • Click the link >>Click Here to Purchase Credentials<<
  • Accept the website terms of agreement for purchasing.
  • You will be redirected to the BRAC Credential Store.
    • Select the number of each certificate you need for each credential and click “Add to Cart”.
    • Click View Cart, if quantities are correct click “Proceed to Checkout” if not click “Continue Shopping” or edit in Cart.
    • You will need to upload each teacher’s Excel BRAC tracking form on the Checkout page. Failure to upload the tracking form will delay the processing of certificates. You may submit purchases for up to 5 teachers in a single purchase. If you have more than 5 teachers/schools, you will need to submit the orders through multiple purchases.
    • You have the option to select pay by check or credit card. If you use a purchase order process for payment, select pay by check and submit the invoice provided at check out to your purchasing department for processing. (For Check/Purchase Orders purchases, certificates will not be processed until payment is received and processed by BRAC.)
    • Complete all required information on the Purchase form and click “Place Order”

It is recommended that certificates needed for Spring graduation be submitted and payment received by April 15th. Certificate requests will be processed in the order received.

Documents You May Need to Submit to Your Purchasing Department:

Set up BRAC as an approved vendor internally (school and/or district level) using the BRAC W-9 and the LDOE sole source letter linked below.

BRAC W-9 Form 2016

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.20.35 AM

Micro-Enterprise Credential Sole Source Letter

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.21.53 AM