Step 2: BRAC Payment Agreement

What is BRAC?

BRAC (Baton Rouge Area Chamber) is the certifying organization that developed the Micro-Enterprise Credential in collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Education.

What does my certification payment to BRAC cover?

Step 2)     Set up BRAC as an approved vendor internally (school and/or district level) using the BRAC W-9 and the LDOE sole source letter linked below. You will be charged a certification fee by BRAC on your MEC Tracking Form to cover the cost of creating the curriculum and producing the certificates for this course. You must make your payment to BRAC before you will receive your BRAC MEC certificates.

You are no longer required to complete the BRAC Payment Agreement. This information will be collected during teacher registration.


For assistance or questions about the setting up BRAC as an approved vendor contact Dave (Lefty) Lefkowith Assistant Superintendent at Louisiana Department of Education at

BRAC W-9 Form 2016

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Micro-Enterprise Credential Sole Source Letter

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