2022-23 BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form

>>Click Here<< (Updated 9/5/2022)

The 2022-23 BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form – You must download the new form to be able to enter dates for this school year. The form will create a quote utilizing the updated pricing for you to utilize in requesting the purchase orders from your district based on your data entered in the tracking form. You must enter the current grade of the student earning the credential. Make sure you are using the most current version of the form. Students earning the STATEWIDE credential must also earn the REGIONAL credential. Follow instructions on tracking form if both credentials are earned in the same year.

QuestionMark Regional Assessment Purchase Link

>>Click Here<<(Updated 9/5/2022)

The purchase will be made by the school or district directly from QuestionMark. The assessment cost is $30 per student and includes one practice test and up to three attempts on the assessment. The exam must be taken in the school setting and is not available for remote proctoring.

If you will need to provide remote testing options, you will need to purchase the Record and Review option. The Record and Review Assessment cost is $40 per student.

Assessments are only valid for the school year in which they are purchased and will expire July 31, 2023.

Certiport Statewide Assessment Purchase Link

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The ESB certificate from Certiport is not the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Statewide Credential certificate. You must complete the coursework outlined in the statewide curriculum on the All Things Jumpstart website and order your certificate from BRAC using the link below.

BRAC Industry Based Credential Purchase Link

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The certificate purchasing website is now available. You will need your BRAC Micro-Enterprise Excel Tracking File to be uploaded during the purchase process. You will receive your certificates within 15 days of BRAC receiving and processing your payment.