How do I get certified to to teach the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential?

Teachers interested in teaching the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential must complete the required training course for each level of the credential. Regional Core/Complementary and Statewide trainings are offered several times throughout the year through online self-paced trainings. To schedule a training or inquire about current training opportunities use the help request form or click the link on the homepage

Teachers must complete all the required assignments and pass the prescribed exam for the credential for which they are registered, before being certified to instruct students in completing the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential.

Where do I find my curriculum?

There is no initial cost to begin teaching the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential. The cost of the credential will be incurred at the completion of the course to purchase the Assessment and BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential Certificate (there is a two part purchase required for this credential – online test voucher from vendor & IBC certificate from BRAC).

Curriculum for the BRAC Micro-Enterprise credential is hosted on the Louisiana Believes – All Things JumpStart website. For complete information on both the statewide and regional credentials click this link

Where are the teacher guides and answer keys?

Teacher guides are located on the password protected section of the section of the website. You should have been provided the password to access this website during your initial training. If you are unable to access this link or forgot your password please contact teacher support by using the help request form on the website

What do I need to keep in student portfolios?

Each credential requires specific artifacts to be maintained at the school for upto two years after the student graduates. Please see the list below with the required minimum portfolio artifacts for each level of the credential.

Complementary: 1. Self Assessment 1 & 2: retain for each student a copy of their Self Assessment Round 1 & 2 report, 2. Self Assessment Presentation Mentor Checklist: retain a copy of each student’s mentor checklist

Regional Core Credential: 1. Self Assessment 1 & 2: retain for each student a copy of their Self Assessment Round 1 & 2 report, 2. Self Assessment Presentation Mentor Checklist: retain a copy of each student’s mentor checklist, 3. Passing Score Report for QuestionMark Regional Exam: Print score report from QuestionMark

Statewide Credential: 1.Business Concept: retain for each student/team; 2.Company Leadership Suite: retain each student’s Personal Job Description; 3.Business and Marketing Plan: retain student’s one page memo (Task 2); 4.Pass ESB Exam: Certiport will provide documentation

How to Track Student Progress?

Student progress is tracked on the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Excel Form. You can download the form on the website The Excel file has three (3) tabs to track students progress. The first tab is the “Instruction” tab and you will enter your school and teacher information into the beige cells of the first tab. This data will auto populate on the remaining two (2) tabs.

You will need to upload your BRAC Micro-Enterprise Tracking Excel Form during the BRAC MEC Certificate purchasing process to verify student completion of the required components.

Tab 1: School/Teacher Information

Enter the your information in the beige cells.

Tab 2: Student Tracking

On the second tab you will enter the students name, date each assignment/exam is completed and the name of the Self-Assessment Presentation Mentor. Once you enter the dates in the beige cells the white columns to the right will automatically indicate the level of credential the student has earned.

Tab 3: BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential Certificate Quote

The final tab will create a quote once you have entered all your students data on Tab 2. This page is for information purposes only to assist you in requesting a purchase order from your school/district. You will need to use the link indicated to actually order your certificates. This weblink also includes W-9 and Sole Source Letters that your school/district may require for submission to process payment.