Career Compass Tracking Portal

Three step process for tracking and requesting certificates. Links for ordering assessments are at the bottom of this page. Both the Regional and Statewide levels of the Micro-Enterprise Credential require the purchase of both the assessment and credential. Only the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential counts toward JumpStart Micro-Enterprise graduation pathway.

Step 1: Tracking Form

You will need to download the Excel “Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form” below to track your students progress in the Micro-Enterprise course. The same form is used to track all three credentials. You will need to input your school information, student name, and enter date each module is completed on the tracking form. The form will show when students are eligible to earn a MEC certificate. It is recommended to wait and submit all certificate request at the end of the course. The MEC Regional & Statewide Student Portfolio Checklist are available for download below to document students’ completion of requirements for earning the Micro-Enterprise credential.

The Career Compass of Louisiana Tracking Form has been updated with a quote page reflecting the price for purchasing using a Purchase Order. The fourth tab still reflects the payment amount based on using the original credit card option. You can download the new form and copy and paste any tracking data required, if you need to make a purchase using a purchase order and need a quote.


Career Compass Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form

Student Portfolio Checklist

BRAC MEC Regional Credential Student Portfolio Checklist

BRAC MEC Statewide Credential Student Portfolio Checklist

Step 2: BRAC Payment for Certifications

Click on the “Make a Payment Here” button below to purchase your certificates. It is recommended that you submit and pay for each semester/year’s certificates at one time. You may submit your certificate request and payment at anytime but be aware of the cutoff dates below for each semester. If you need a quote for purchase order process, please print the quote tab of your Career Compass Tracking Portal Excel File.

This is the information for purchasing certificates NOT Assessments. See link below for QuestionMark (Regional) or Certiport (Statewide) to order assessments.

  • Fall Semester Request Deadline: November 17, 2017 to receive by December 15, 2017
  • Spring Semester Request Deadline: May 6, 2018 to receive by May 31, 2018


Step 3: MEC Certificates

Use the form below to request your 2017-2018 BRAC MEC Certificates (it is recommended to make bulk request at the end of the course instead of individual request). You will need a digital copy of your “BRAC Payment Confirmation” and your completed “Micro-Enterprise Tracking Form” excel file. (Make sure that your payment confirmation amount matches the balance due on your excel file “Invoice” tab.)

  • Fall Semester Request Deadline: November 17, 2017 to receive by December 15, 2017
  • Spring Semester Request Deadline: May 6, 2018 to receive by May 31, 2018

Complete Form


BRAC Regional and Statewide Micro-Enterprise Credential Assessment Information

Regional Micro-Enterprise QuestionMark Assessment

QuestionMark is the sole source provider of the Regional Micro-Enterprise Assessment. Each school is responsible for purchasing a participant user from QuestionMark OnDemand for each student seeking the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Regional Credential. The purchase will be made by the school or district directly from QuestionMark. The 2017-2018 assessment cost is $25 per student and includes one practice test and up to three attempts on the assessment. You will receive instructions on registering students once you purchase your assessment spots from QuestionMark using the link below.


<<Click Here to Access Questionmark>>


Statewide Micro-Enterprise Credential: Certiport Entrepreneurship and Small Business Assessment (ESB)

Click Certiport logo below for instructions on test candidate registration. The ESB certificate from Certiport is not the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Statewide Credential certificate. You must complete the coursework outlined in the statewide curriculum on the All Things Jumpstart website and order your certificate from BRAC using the form below. The Certiport ESB is a required component of the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Statewide credential.


Contact Darryl Barnes for assistance with Certiport Testing: