Updated April 9, 2020

We are in unprecedented times in education and we wanted to take a moment to share with you a few options to assist your students in completing their credential if needed this semester. The modifications in requirements allowed for the Spring 2020 semester are effective through June 30, 2020. If you have a specific circumstance, please submit a help request at www.microenterprise.blog/help.

Regional Credential

  1. Self Assessments can still be completed using Nepris, or conferencing software approved by your school. In light of the current circumstances for business leaders and the stay at home orders, teachers and school staff can serve as the mentor role for the Self Assessment presentation through June 30, 2020. The mentor checklist must be maintained as part of the students portfolio.
  2. Required components: Self-Assessment Round 1 & 2, Loan Simulations, and Registration of Business with Secretary of State on the Student Portal GeauxBiz website may be completed using LMS or PDF – No need for modification. The required documentation must be maintained by the certifying teacher up to one year after graduation. 
  3. Testing for the Regional QuestionMark exam can be completed once students return to school this spring/summer/or fall. Options for proctored exams may be contracted by district/charter schools with MonitorEdu only. Proctored exams are permitted through June 30, 2020.
  4. Unused QuestionMark Vouchers can be used next school year.

Statewide Credential

  1. All required components of the statewide credential can be completed through remote learning. The BRAC Micro-Enterprise credential requirements can be completed through LMS or PDF documents. The required documentation must be maintained by the certifying teacher up to one year after graduation. 
  2. Certiport has provided options for students to test at home through June 30, 2020. See below.
  3. In addition, Certiport has made available Learn Keys to assist students in preparation for the Certiport ESB exam requirements. Please follow the instructions provided below by Certiport to utilize the resources available for the completion of the ESB exam.
  4. Certiport vouchers and site license have expiration dates based on the date they were purchased.

Regional Exam Proctoring – MonitorEdu

If your district or charter needs to conduct regional exams during the public school closure, you have the option to utilize MonitorEdu to proctor your exams. There is an additional cost for the proctoring service that will have to be contracted by the district/charter school. If you have questions about test proctoring please use the help link http://www.microenterprise.blog/help

Live Proctoring: https://monitoredu.com/proctoring

  • Proctoring done via cell phone
  • Most students are testing in under 5 minutes. 
  • No downloads or appointments required. 
  • Exams up to 1-hour: $10 and exams up to 2-hours: $15 
  • Can be implemented in less than a week. 

Certiport Exams from Home

In an effort to support schools and students to continue their education online in these extraordinary times, Certiport has developed a home-based solution that allows for administered exams that certification candidates can take from home. This solution, “Certiport Exams from Home”, allows individuals to continue to pursue an industry-recognized certification that will distinguish themselves from others in an increasingly difficult hiring environment.

Certiport has been testing this solution over the past two weeks with very good results and school districts across the United States and Canada that have been involved, have indicated very positive experiences. Customers who have participated are encouraged that individuals in their areas will be able to complete testing this school year with this solution.

As Certiport pilots this solution with live, in-market exams, we are looking for additional customers who would like to try this solution and give us feedback. Modifications to a broad solution will be made available as soon as this testing is completed. If you are interested in being a part of this pilot, we have made available a schedule in which you can reserve a spot. A Certiport employee will administer the exams through a hosted typical exam experience with an internet connection and almost any computer. To participate, follow the steps on this link to schedule exams from home:  www.certiport.com/examsfromhome. Technical requirements are also found on the same URL. Participation may be limited based upon response volume.

This solution is currently only available in English with the expectation that it will expand into additional languages as soon as possible. This service will be available until June 30, 2020.

Learn Keys 90-Day Access for K-12 Teachers and Students

PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH. There are several key pieces to this email that may answer a lot of questions. Also, it is important to read through the information each vendor places on their website via the links provided below. These programs are initiated by the software producers on behalf of our customers.

Certiport will keep you informed as we learn more.  Thank you for patience as we continue to make these valuable programs available to teachers and students.

In support of the needs of our testing centers and those affected, Certiport is pleased to offer access to a variety of learning products that may be used at home or other remote locations. Effective immediately, you may request FREE 90-Day Access for K-12 teachers and student to many of our most popular web-based learning resources, including practice exams, and on demand video-based courses for the Entrepreneurship and Small Business (ESB) exam. 

Our goal is to help minimize the impact to learning by providing the tools which will allow students and teacher to remain engaged in their coursework and academic pursuits on campus or at home.

Here is the link to request the free 90-Day Curriculum

The same operating system compatibility and software version requirements to use GMetrix or the learning products offered through Certiport at school will also pertain to teacher and student use at home, which includes access to good Internet connectivity.

The teacher signing up for access to try the various free courses must have Admin rights and be associated with their schools Certiport account.