Regional Credential Forms

Teachers must complete an approved BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential training prior to certifying students. Once training is complete, the first step to prepare to teach the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Regional and/or State Wide Credentials is to complete the Career Compass Tracking Agreement form. After completing the Career Compass Tracking Agreement (your school only has to complete it once and the agreement covers all teachers and both the Regional and Statewide credential), you will need to register as a teacher to access your tracking forms.

There is no initial cost to register and begin teaching the BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential. The cost of the credential will be incurred at the completion of the course to purchase the QuestionMark Assessment and BRAC Micro-Enterprise Credential Certificate (there is a two part purchase required for this credential – online test voucher from QuestionMark & certificate from BRAC).

MEC Certified Instructor Condensed Steps:

  1. Register to Teach
  2. Teach Curriculum
    • Required Module Documentation in Student’s Portfolio: Self Assessment, Self Assessment Presentation, Bank Loans, & Geaux Bix Registry
  3. Take Assessment – Purchase from Questionmark weeks in advance of when you want to take, longer if purchasing with a PO.
  4. Pay for Credentials – Make Payment to BRAC (Increased cost and time if not paying by credit card)
  5. Submit Student Names to BRAC- Upload BRAC Receipt from step 4 and Tracking Excel Sheet
  6. Receive Certificates by Email – About 2 Weeks later (Must complete step 5 by May 6 to receive certificates by May 31)

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